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depeche mode – tour of the universe at the o2

The Basildon boys are back in town. I’ve been following Depeche Mode, one of my favourite bands, for over twenty years now and never pass on the opportunity to see the guys perform in their home town, despite some health concerns earlier in the year Dave was his usual excitable self, effortlessly getting the crowd in the palm of his hand.

This years album, Sounds Of The Universe, I’m sorry to report is rubbish but thankfully we didn’t get too many ‘album tour’ tracks which could have soured the whole experience. Then again, I do quite like the first single from this release:

They weren’t the best I’ve seen them, the set list was a little predictable and some of their more obvious tracks which I’m not hugely fond of were blasted out with their usual professionalism, we got all the singles from their breakthrough Violater album;

….the best live tracks from their biggest album Songs Of Faith & Devotion;

…and a couple of oldies from way back in the eighties;

Nevertheless they still had their moments and a couple of surprises. Unfortunately I didn’t make it the The Posters Came From The Walls screening I mentioned last week, work interfered with a late night meeting that I was press-ganged into attending, thankfully I only have two days left before taking a well deserved break in the new year. I’m made a pact to try and see newer bands next year, with one exception all the gigs I attended this year were to see bands that I grew up listening to, given that I haven’t bought any albums for months I’m open to suggestions although I have a couple of ideas. Tomorrow – Avatar day.

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