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Minty’s October Miscellanea…

I’ve been so damn busy that I missed my fourth birthday which occurred a week or so ago, but don’t worry the lack of good wishes, cards or presents from you gentle readers will be overlooked due to our mutual sense of eternal, everlasting shame (sobs..) I have hopefully managed to secure a longer term commitment to my current assignment, personally speaking this is great news considering the current, horrific fiscal climate, believe me as these paralysing cuts lacerate over the next 12 months things are going to get very, very tough in both the public (30% cuts in local government – jesus christ) and private spheres – and those interdependencies are more critical than I’d imagined or previously understood. I could rant but I’ll spare you that emission, lets move on to the fictional world (sobs…), so what’s been happening trailer wise I hear you cry?

A big fat zero of nothing is the answer to that question, a quick trawl around reveals nothing that particularly punches my buttons, so here is some more grindhouse hilarity;

That’s certainly a tandem alternative to the arty LFF stuff that I’ve been enjoying, compare and contrast Never Let Me Go and Miike’s 13 Assassins (my biggest miss of the festival, there are no press screenings and both official screenings sold out in minutes, much to my frustration) with that first couple of trailers. Anyway,  in terms of general miscellanea then I strongly recommend this excellent series of documentaries on the horror film, fellow aficionado Mark Gatiss hosts and writes the series and he certainly knows his onions, as usual with the BBC there are fine production values, appropriate clips and some fascinating interviews with some of the moldering survivors. I’ve only skim read much of The Guardian’s amusing  ‘The Greatest Films Ever‘ season but there are some pearls amongst the swine, writer Joe Queenan can be terrifically funny and insightful, at least they got one two things right. This finally arrived in the mail and I’m saving it for an evening devoid of competing attractions, it’s a turn to SF completest material and I’ve been looking forward to it since it was screened at this years Berlin Film Festival, I’m not much of a Fassbinder fan but it sounds mesmerizing, I’d never even heard of it until it was announced in Sight & Sound a few months ago. Finally, did you ever wonder what happened to all those colonial marine after their misguided sorte down on LV426? Well wonder no more. Some more hilarity, I’ve not unearthed these versions of the Assault or Warriors trailers before;

So there’s five more films to see at the Festival that I’ve arranged, including a press screening of the closing gala film next week, then there’s Halloween to think about (rather than pull a zombie evening or slasher bloodbath I was thinking of delivering a good old-fashioned post on some of the best celluloid ghost stories, that should be change from the norm eh?), I’ve got my Godfather II review to finish (50% done), I have to catch a screening of Metropolis where I can which should be an interesting double bill along with the long-awaited European unleashing of Machete, somewhere around there I’ll hit my 500th post celebrations then it’ll be Christmas and Tron Legacy and my best of the year compendium – phew, clearly there will be no rest for the wicked.  Much more impending is tomorrows Black Swan screening followed by my first official  press conference which I’m anxious to attend,  a chance to see Aronofsky pontificate on his acclaimed new movie  should be fun although I might just sabotage the event with a host of nerdish questions on this recent announcement. Only joking of course, I don’t want to jeopardise my chances of wooing Mila Kunis now do I? Hubba Hubba.


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