After all, it's just a ride….

Intruder (1989) Trailer

A quick break from the alternate world of dancing dwarfs, howling monstrosities and eagle-scout inquisitiveness, lets take a look at something a trifle more wholesome and old fashioned – rampant teenage butchery;

This notorious little slasher, also known as Night Crew: The Final Checkout (heh) is primarily known for two things, firstly it was deemed one of the most gruesome psycho flicks of the eighties and had an unprecedented five minutes of footage excised by the draconian BBFC. Secondly and much more interestingly is the crop of gleeful schlockmeisters behind and in front of the camera, this was produced by the entertaining Minnesota crew including a youthful Sam Raimi and his brother Ted, director Scott Spielgel (Sam’s writing partner), producer Lawrence Bender (who went on to produce some fairly popular films) and yes even Bruce gets a look in with a final scene cameo. It’s got that inventive, crash zoom, improvised, cheeky sense of deranged humor that Raimi and co. brought to the Evil Dead movies, and is famous in gorehound circles for this (Warning – NSFW) gnarly piece of SFX that really got the censors squeamish hackles up. It’s just had a un-cut DVD release here in the UK, so if you’re looking for 88 minutes of stupid, claret drenched whimsy then you can’t go wrong.


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