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Total Recall (2012) Trailer

I’m conscious of turning this into some trailer blog which isn’t my intention, but when it comes to remakes of widely admired SF pictures of years past I’m kinda in my area of expertise, thus I’m almost contractually obliged to post this;

My thoughts? Well, since you asked I’m not utterly mental about the original but it was great fun, I remember seeing it at the flicks and having a good time, this looks like it could veer from mediocre to above average as long as they retain fidelity to the paranoid instincts of the tale alongside the overwrought set-pieces and bludgeoning SFX – holograms and hover cars eh, was this film made in 1989? – and the distinct lack of one ferrying one’s ass to Mars is also a concern. I find it more interesting that today’s action stars are the likes of Colin Farrell and Matt Damon, as opposed to the likes of Ahnoldt and Sly and Chuck and JCVD and akido wielding ecological terrorists, what does that say for the state of modern masculinity? Just shoot me but I miss the quips….