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Big Smoke Shard Infiltration

I’ve been fascinated with the history and geography of my home town for many years now, and a second reading of this terrific biography is keeping me relatively sane as I mark down interesting places to go and visit when I have recovered, so it was apt timing to see that some urban explorers have been very naughty indeed and captured some awe-inspiring photos that you can see here. They also filmed some footage which might have you grasping your desk for purchase;

Whew, and I thought Mission Impossible IV was vertigo inducing. I lurched through London Bridge after a hospital appointment last week and Europe’s highest building has of course imprinted itself quite dramatically on the geography of the area, I used to commute through there a few years ago when on an East Coast assignment and have worked for Southwark Council down the road in Tooley Street for a while, already the conduit feels imperceptibly different, as Ackroyd so eloquently observes the big smoke is a constantly evolving, fascinating city;

Having just read Iain Sinclair’s fascinating London Orbital as well I’m in something of a capital psychogeography mode at the moment, I must do that long neglected From Hell walk over the summer……