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David’s Cannes Cosmopolis

Another quick filler while I sweat and toil over a couple of new posts, first up is the full Cosmopolis trailer;

COSMOPOLIS – TRAILER (VO) from Cosmopolis on Vimeo.

Hmm, I love that slightly austere, cold look that Cronenberg achieves for his movies these days, this has just been catapulted to second tier galvanizing levels on the Minty table of jolly exciting stuff. The trailer has aired along with the Cannes line-up announcement, I’m looking forward to the new films from Haneke and Audiard, Andrew Dominik, John Hillcoat, Cristian Mungiu and yet another blinkin Miike film (I haven’t seen the last one yet), disappointed to see that the new Malick or Thomas Anderson won’t be done in time but maybe they’ll come to London in October instead? Right? It could happen…..Anyway, on the Prometheus front this has been floating round for a few days but I’ve just got round to seeing it, I have to say they are doing a first class job on the viral marketing for the film, I just hope the extraordinary levels of excitement don’t crush the films actual strengths, although I guess that’s inevitable at his point;

That’s one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen this year and I can’t quite articulate why, maybe its because I prefer my skinjobs performing blade pyrotechnics rather than looking as if they’d expertly advise me on how to populate my housecube with some first class neo-IKEA based feng shui. It’s been quite a while since a big US blockbuster seemed to take SF seriously, and delve into some of the concepts and questions such material can raise, whilst I doubt the movie is going to start musing over the ethical questions of artificial intelligence I guess it’s being paid lip-service in this marketing seduction.