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Attack Of The Clones….

No, wait come back, come back – I’m not going to post the new Prometheus trailer that’s got everyone all a flutter due to alleged spoiler concerns, that would be very, very bad. I have watched it though – as if I have enough self-control not to turn my tractor beams onto something I’m told would be bad for me – and whilst it’s not quite as revelatory as some fanboys have wailed I would caution against catching it, we’re only a month away from final maneuvers (hasn’t that gone quickly? Or is that just me?) so we are, like, a mere 30 sleeps before final docking permission. Anyway, I thought it might be kinda amusing to take a quick look at some other Alien inspired trailers, I mean some of these are just classics;

Never seen this, it looks terrific doesn’t it? I’m not sure why this American, Roger Corman helmed production is in German but I’m sure it’s a ruthlessly efficient knock-off….

Ah, a staple of my local video shop were these direct to video, ‘Alien Underwater’ genre cash-ins of the late eighties, evidently if you can’t afford the SFX for intergalactic green screen then you should just hire a dunk tank and a few frogmen armed with cameras and (boom) – the movie writes itself. Then again, I guess these charlatans were cashing in the perceived The Abyss box office juggernaut as that came out around the same time. Anyone else remembers Deep Star Six? I’m sure there were a few other wet examples….

It’s a brave species that takes on Klaus ‘Mad as a Window’ Kinski, in space no one can hear you scream….be sure to stay tuned to the end for voiceover man’s terrifying sign-off.

Ah, you know you’re in safe terrible hands when that New World logo pops up don’t you?

Obligitory Galaxy Of Terror link, this little interloper weasels its way into far too many posts on this blog.

In terrifying 3D no less, one assumes Ridley didn’t screen this one to his technical crew to get any pointers on ushering in terror in three mind-numbing dimensions….

… and Xtro, the goriest and nastiest of the pod, I re-watched this a couple of years ago and it’s actually quite gruesome by todays standards, pretty poor production values though. Quite how this managed three bloody sequels is beyond me.

And I thought I’d save the best for last – you’re welcome….