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The Hollywood Reporter Directors Round Table 2012

Attempting to get a jump on the Oscar nominations the Hollywood Reporter likes to get together a round table of directors every year, to talk through their recent projects and current developments in the industry – so this has been doing the rounds, I’ve failed in every attempt to get this embedded on my site as it ain’t up on youtube, so here is last years tête-à-tête as a little comparison;

I’m having a fairly heavy movie weekend for a change, this time mostly from the comfort of my armchair, catching up with some of the bigger releases of the year. I finally saw Brave yesterday – mediocre Pixar without any of the flashes of magic that decorate most of their other output, but not Cars 2 bad – and Magic Mike which was as expected an involving study of an odd cultural sub-genre, not dissimilar to The Wrestler with its examination of a strange, physical driven profession, all shot with Soderberghs trademark golden filtered style – recommended as an effective slice of commercially attuned light entertainment. Today I’m really gonna crack on with the writing to get things in shape with a hectic first week of December looming next week, so here is your first glimpse of my other writing journal that I’ve been mysteriously alluding too….. 


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