After all, it's just a ride….

V/H/S (2013) Trailer

One of the most anticipated horror releases of the year finally receives a cinema release to kick off in 2013 with a bloody start, yes it’s time to cast your minds back to the halcyon days of our generations movie worship, when movies were hired on monolithic black oblongs and inserted into bulky, exhausted coughing machines – aah, those were the days, eh?

The film is receiving a special UK premiere at the Blackhall Studios here in London on the 16th January, including a Secret Cinema style themed event complete with a decked out old-school VHS shop which might just transport me back to my misspent youth which unspooled on both sides of the rental counter. The film has received strong praise from the genre press across the pond from numerous festival screenings, check back here for my review in a week’s time for the Menagerie verdict….


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