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Bukowski – Born into This (2003)

Having read Charles Bukowki’s Post Office some years ago I finally got around to reading Women over the festive season, a pleasantly sordid affair of dive bars and grunting trysts, he’s an accessible and vivid writer whose words prompted me to track down this Sean Penn produced documentary;

It’s probably the most exhaustive account of the poet of the American underclass, it also features Bukowski’s personal friend Harry Dean Stanton and  Tom Waits, thus this is essential viewing. If you’re interested in film adaptions then there is Barfly (which I haven’t seen in years) and Factotum which is very good, with Matt Dillon in a rare leading part. In other news I strolled along to Somerset House en route to the BFI on Saturday and took in two excellent photography exhibitions, firstly Tim Walker whom I can soundbite as Lewis Carroll with an Olympus E-5, and a Henri Cartier-Bresson themed collection which was also thought-provoking and visually provocative. Both are free admission and they’re running until the end of the month…..


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