After all, it's just a ride….

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

This looks a change of pace for the Coens, normally any new film from them would have been on my ‘Films To See’ annual wrap up but I admit this slipped under the radar, I’m surprised to see a trailer for this appearing so early – nice cast as usual;

In other news the annual Kubrick story seems to be doing the rounds again, and let me perfectly clear in as possibly as tedious a fashion as possible – this is a non-story, even passing film fans are aware of the alternate ending, thus this ain’t no ‘exclusive’ that should be breathlessly clogging up your social media feeds until the real holy grail is uncovered and an actual god-damn intact print is discovered  and exhibited – now that would be an event worthy of  religious idolatry. Speaking of the ancient Eighties this should warp your tiny minds;

I’ve always thought Max Headroom, that initial foray into neon-shielded cyberspace could do with an internet era re-boot…..


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