After all, it's just a ride….

Louis O2K?

After managing to avoid a single concert last year – I don’t think the Opera quite counts as a sweaty pandemonium of alcohol, illicit substances and screaming musicians  – I’m pleased to announce my first rock n’ roll gig of 2013 – the first UK appearance of the one and only Louis CK;

Well, isn’t comedy still the new rock n’ roll? Or was that the new black? Or the new steampunk? Or the new Thursday? I forget these things. Here’s some material from his incredible US comedy series which has proved impossible to source here in the UK, yeah I know it’s recently been announced that it will be screening on some Fox affiliate but I’ll be damned if I’m inadvertently swelling News International’s coffers with any of my hard-earned cash, well at least any funds independent of the unavoidable movies of course;

It’s at the O2 which is superbly convenient for me, I’m not sure how a comedian even of his stature is gonna fill that cavernous space, but it’s nice to have something to look forward too in these dark winter months……


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