After all, it's just a ride….

Mama (2013) Trailer

I had some grand plans about posting another project post this week but there is no way I’m gonna have the opportunity to finish that before the weekend, not to bore you with the details but I’ve been press ganged onto yet another fucking programme, giving a combined total of (I kid you not) 88 projects to worry about – it is ridiculous. So even longer hours beckon and even the weekend should be dominated with a new Hitchcock, but I did wanna give some little mid-week update from the bosom of my blood flecked horror crib;

This topped the US box office which is fairly unusual for a horror movie, although having flavour of the month Jessica Chastain in a starting role  can’t hurt. I first saw it trailed ahead of Flight, it’s been a while since I indulged in a creepy movie at the flicks so I’ll give it a stroll. Now severe spoilers beware as here is the short film that inspired the Guillermo Del Toro produced feature, I haven’t watched it but I ‘m fairly sure it will signal some final constrictions of mommy and daddy’s wicked exploits;


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