After all, it's just a ride….

To The Wonder (2013) Prologue

Well, I have to say that the new Terrence Malick film has certainly crept on me, like a wistful leaf slowly dancing to the ground in an idyllic, sweetly chirping forest – OK, that’s enough of that. A mere two years since his last hymn, since the polarizing Tree Of Life  hit cinemas the puritan poet is back with his latest romantic elegy, cruising on an uncertain wave of distinctly polarised reviews after a divisive Venice premiere. I have very little time to put this prologue together and given that I am entertaining guests over the weekend don’t expect an immediate review, but I am seeing the movie tonight and I did want to put some sort of prelude together as this is of course a new film from an essential American talent and one of my all time favourite directors, I’m really looking forward to chanting to his particularly celestial choir of cinema once again. Firstly, here is that idiosyncratic trailer again;

Here’s some rare behind the scenes disclosures on Terry’s filming style, when the hell is that documentary I found a few years ago Rosy Fingered Dawn ever gonna get a commercial release? Now would seem like an apt time, and it’s probably best not to google that title at work – I speak from bitter experience….

I was going to link these but Sky seem to have unsportingly taken the phrase ‘Exclusive’ seriously and I can’t find them elsewhere, I haven’t looked at these ‘behind the scenes’ featurettes nor will I until my review has been crafted, you on the other hand may be an inquisitive or potentially foolhardy sort, although I don’t think that a Malick film generally suffers from potential ‘spoilers’ in the traditional sense. Instead here is an earlier romantic interlude montage which I think may prove as the perfect aperitif for this new offering;

The final scene slays me every time. Finally, for full transcendent context here is one of the better Malick montages that is floating around – hallelujah;


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