After all, it's just a ride….

Oscars (2013) Prologue

malWhilst I mentally wrestle with my review of To The Wonder I think it’s prudent to finalize this Menagerie tradition during this quiet moment of the weekend, I have guests to entertain over the weekend and of course that is the immediate priority. As expected Malick’s latest was wonderful in many ways and also invokes all sorts of pretentious musings (you have been warned), I’ve been attacking it from numerous positions over the past couple of hours and it’s proving to be a difficult beast to master, a second screening is essential and you must make every effort to see it on the big screen – it’s visually magnificent if nothing else. Now let’s move on, whilst I have abandoned my habit of watching the Oscars live due to stupid work commitments the ceremony and inevitable commentary and analysis requires some management, I’ve updated my early list accordingly after seeing much more of the material on offer, although the live action and documentary shorts have proved particularly elusive this year I did manage to track down all the animation shorts for your swift consumption. In appreciation of 85 years of material here is an affectionate little montage, one part reminder of the breadth of the art form and one part incubator of raging horror for some of the travesties that did manage to secure one of those elusive and rewarding little buggers;

Excellent work, I’ll be conducting my usual analysis of my predictions at some point next week, hopefully I’ll finally break that 50% predictive glass ceiling eh? In other news my ‘Kubrick’s Favourite Films Post’ has exploded considering my exceptionally modest median hit rate, I wonder what faintly viral intervention happened there…..


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