After all, it's just a ride….

Minty’s March 2013 Madness Preview…..

Whilst I can’t promise to see ’em all due to fluctuating work commitments here’s what’s on the schedule as we move into the third month of the year, Danny Boyle’s new thriller looks c’est plus interestamt, particularly the final shot of this red band trailer which is distinctly Cronenbergian, no?

This looks energetic at the very least. There’s quite a few films on the horizon, before Trance at the end of the month I shall finally be seeing Cloud Atlas at the weekend and may try to slip in another cinema viewing of To The Wonder,  just the process of throwing my review together has made me want to really see it again and decipher some of its divine depths. In any case I’m shattered and don’t really wish to do much this coming weekend, so perhaps five hours in the dark will do me fine. Then I’ll go to the cinema;

Of course on the coming Sunday I also have tickets to a top-secret BFI event, I’m actually going to see something loosely Star Wars related for my sins, so that should be something different. Speaking of the BFI I’ve had the April prospectus through and again I ain’t promising anything, but a triple bill of John Boorman films is the current plan, I just need to see if some of the screenings will clash with some other commitments. Finally Stoker opens next weekend as well, and there was me thinking that March would be traditionally quiet so I could make some progress with my Universal’s Blu-Ray Monsters series as at the moment we’re at two down, twenty-four (gulps) to go……

I think, if I’m honest, I’ll have to give Mama a miss as I’ve also been invited to a couple of press screenings of horror films which I’d quite like to attend, but I think I’m already reacting to some of these opportunities like it was last year when I had the time and inclination to build 20+ article film seasons – and one has to be realistic as the week after that we get Sam Raimi’s visually gouging Oz reboot;

Then after that gruelling voyage, as if a film a weekend wasn’t enough to contend with there are also a couple of other essentials which I need to see at the flicks if I’m to retain any credibility.Soderbergh is of course essential vas one of the most regularly excellent and eclectic American directors working today, and this could be his final film given that the Liberace bio-pic is having trouble getting a distributor;

Is he really going to turn his back on the cinema? I hope he reconsiders after a few years off, the man is hellishly prolific so maybe he could just do with a break, the nightmare he had shooting and editing the Che movies almost made him retire then so perhaps he just needs a few months on a beach somewhere to recharge the batteries. Finally, a film which chainsawed its way onto many gorehounds films of the year lists after its festival screenings in 2012, this looks like it could be gory fun;


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