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The Master (2012) Deleted Scenes & A Kubrickophile Round-Up

I’m not normally one for deleted scenes – there’s usually a reason why they were deleted after all – but I’ll make an exception for certain films and filmmakers;

I’m looking forward to giving this strange film another go, should be here in Region 2 soon…..and this is NSFW amusing, although it does lack (and I quote) a ‘racially balanced set of well dressed young professionals pointing excitedly at a generic laptop screen’….and following some exciting news I have unearthed this;

Place your bets now for who will play the tiny one, I always thought Ian Holm had a good crack at it – Mathieu Amalric? I think this has a lot of potential, I think we can all agree that Band of Brothers and The Pacific were terrific pieces of work, and all that research that Kubrick exhaustively mustered shouldn’t go to waste. Anyway, this news in turn led me to this, so the Internets ain’t all bad, right?;


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