After all, it's just a ride….

Gondry’s VHS Labyrinth….

Interesting timing to stumble across a few shiny new things. Well, one of the Menagerie’s Melbourne correspondents is in the UK and we caught up over a few beers on Friday, in fact we caught up to the point that I spent all of Saturday in recovery mode. I did however manage to catch a movie today which was a bit of a disappointment, not that I had huge expectations or anything but it was a very pedestrian affair, more on that later next week. In the meanwhile this pleasant slice of retro goodness surfaced on my twitter feed, and here’s the new teaser for Sofia Coppola’s next movie – it doesn’t look to me like she’s moving very far away from her interest in the beautiful people;

That Gondry videoshop link brings back some fond memories of old jobs stacking shelves and serving idiot customers, my career was a lot easier back then when yelling at people didn’t result in reports to HR for ‘interpersonal training’ and ‘behaviour  realignment’ – fucking Philistines eh? As if early Peckinpah wasn’t appropriate material for a 12 year olds birthday celebration, I mean I was watching the likes of this at that age and I turned out OK (twitches)….right? Finally, as a little tribute it’s amazing how alcohol can loosen the tongue, who’d have thought that this classic scene would be our Melbourne based colleague’s favourite sequence in cinema history;


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