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‘And The Oscar Most Certainly Will Never Go To…’

Sometimes you can’t beat a good rant. Now, regardless of your stature or position in your profession of choice I have a major problem with anyone criticising something they haven’t even fucking seen so I’m taking Mr. Doyle’s assertions with a pinch of the proverbial salt, but I do think he’s quite correct with some other observations, and as usual outspokenly amusing on some other points. Plus any excuse to post one of his ravishing showreels shouldn’t be missed;

In other news, after twenty-five years I just have to face myself and admit once and for all its finally over – me and Woody Allen that is. I’m so sorry, I mean sure the first few years were great, we had some laughs and chuckles together, heck I even stuck with him through his serious phase as you could see it was still coming from the heart. All the fun dryed up in the Nineties though, that was when we enjoyed the last great flings of Deconstructing Harry or Mighty Aphrodite and Manhattan Murder Mystery, ever since then its been nothing but an abusive one way relationship and I just (sobs) can’t take it anymore, From Rome With Love  is the last insult and I never want to see him again. Oh, and just to be clear, it’s not me – its you….


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  1. Minty – you do know The Grandmaster by Wong Kar-Wai is finally released. Not out in DVD yet but I’m happy to wait. When I lived in Manhattan, I used to see Mr. Allen regularly as he lived around the corner. His attempts at anonymity were ridiculour. His army fatigue jacket and his cap pulled down to just above his eye glasses became a signature rather than a blending in. I didn’t care much for To Rome with Love either. As for Doyle, his opinions have some validity, and he’s got the credentials, but did he have to say it? He should leave his talkiing to his own camera.

    March 15, 2013 at 12:01 AM

    • I see that ‘The Grandmaster’ has opened in China, and screened at Berlin, hopefully it will come to the LFF…

      March 15, 2013 at 10:23 AM

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