After all, it's just a ride….

The ABC’s Of Death (2012)

A quick capsule review of some of last nights entertainment before we mosey on over to the Cineworld for Side Effects. Now, I think I’ve been a little easy on you recently with a distinct lack of the hardcore stuff, so let me address this gruesome impasse with a some comments on The ABC’s Of Death;

As it says on the tin this is an anthology film of 26 parts representing each letter of the alphabet, with the proviso that the director assigned each letter had full creative control and had to feature a death of some sort – a pleasant premise if ever I read one. With submissions from all over the world this international effort’s quality soars and plunges but it’s eminently watchable, as you know four or five minutes you’ll be into another episode if the current one isn’t particulraly arresting. I think this is much more a festival film than a solitary exercise, I can imagine the howls of humor in a venue such as Frightfest for example, but for us horror nerds there is some intellectual amusement to be had in guessing the method of dispatch as each segment sythes through to the next. So, one for hardcore horror fans with a twisted sense of humor, for the record I most enjoyed O,P and Q, I was particularly creeped out by H, but whoever thought up L needs to be arrested. Seriously.


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