After all, it's just a ride….

Sometimes Films Are Like Buses….

Typical isn’t it, after a quiet, huddled weekend hibernating from the world due to a distinct lack of multiplex opportunities and in order to shelter from this depressing weather – although I did manage to power through screenings of  Blackula, Killing Them Softly, The Prehistoric Women, The Boys In Company C  and The Limey  as well as all of Season 1 of HBO’s Girls and polishing off Season One of Buffy which I am revisiting for my sins – well, after that I am faced with not one, not two but three potential cinema scores tonight. First of all a special preview of Trance at my local cinema which I’m kinda looking forward to seeing after absorbing some interview blurb with Mr. Boyle over the weekend, however this gets its full release on Wednesday so I think I can wait. Secondly an ultra rare, 35mm projection of this is taking place at the Prince Charles Cinema tonight;

Oh well, I’d love to see that on the big screen, particularly in light of an article I have been approached to write for April’s Sound On Sight’s monthly theme. Anyway, instead of these two opportunities I’m off to the BFI for a slightly different event, more on that soon. I guess I should also post the latest World War Z trailer which looks a little more animated than previous offerings, I wonder it that appended Zombie plane attack was one of the reshoots this cursed project undertook in a vain attempt to revitalise this project?;


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