After all, it's just a ride….

Back Of The Head….

A quick collection of some material which is doing the rounds, firstly a powerful soundtrack for a visual meme;

In other news the lamentable departure of Scott Tobias from the A.V. Club means that his great Cult Canon series finishes with a definitively and appropriately odd choice – you can peruse the archives here. Courtesy of my colleagues over at Sound On Sight  I’ve been turned on to the Cinephiliacs podcast which I’ve burning through on my commute – it’s fantastic, the best cinema related audio I’ve found this year. Next, a friend sent me this NSFW Trailer earlier today, he assuming it would tickle my cinema funny-bone, I’m not sure if I should be offended or amused;

Now, along with Oblivion do I try to explore The Place Beyond The Pines this weekend, that is the question…..and then there are some rumors……until we hear more about that keep on strolling my friends;

EDIT – Goddamn it, I’ve meaning to post this somewhere and this seems apt all things considered, Eberts last ever review after 40+ years of film reviewing, for To The Wonder–  a final door closing, and what a immortal epilogue.


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