After all, it's just a ride….

Sundance London 2013 Film Festival – Day 2

upstreamA solid start to proceedings with a gentle and lightly amusing romantic comedy nesting in an often unrewarded section of film culture (In A World…), a well crafted but instantly forgettable new film from Winterbottom (The Look Of Love) and of course Upstream Colour’s perplexing disregard of audience expectations – now that’s a film which only gives as much as you invest within its puzzling design and techniques. Watching the expectedly disappointing Iron Man 3 in the midst of this left field  selection has also got my head spinning, and with two Q&A’s with Shane Carruth and Winterbottom following screenings it’s been quite an exhausting day. So I’m pulling a crafty one for Day 2 and will award myself a partial lie-in – I’m skipping the 9:00am press screening of Emanuel And The Fishes as I can see that at the public screening tomorrow evening – one has to keep the energy levels maintained. I could do with the extra sleep what with all this walking eh?

I apologise, I’m saving the proper ‘gags’ for the reviews, although fuck knows when I’ll find the time to craft those. My laziness also gives me a chance to grab a bite to eat with a large and incredibly unhealthy full English Breakfast, my only real window for sustenance to carry me through Friday as all three of these screenings essentially run back-to-back…;

…..into Jeff Nichols intriguing looking follow-up to the magnificent Take Shelter;

That’s a full day of American Indie excess right there, if I had one regret it’s that no documentaries have been populated on the Menagerie programme as it currently stands, purely due to the complexities and timings of the wider schedule. This chain takes me from the morning to late afternoon so depending on fatigue I might have a snoop around and see if there are any tickets going in the evening. Here’s Wednesdays opening press conference;

Now at well past midnight I guess I should start my ‘official’ report of Day Numero Uno…..the headline news is that Upstream has secured a UK distributor for a modest release later in the year, I know some of you out there are looking forward to having your noggin scrambled….


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