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Sundance London Film Festival 2013 – Saturday

redWell, we’ve finally acquired our first glimpse of a major movie star in his indigenous environment, I was quite surprised to see Robert Redford was still in country to introduce the Sundance Screenwriting Lab that I attended today. When picking up my pass I was advised by festival organisers that this was one of the ‘hot’ tickets of the festival, and I have to say this was a terrific debate centering on the ‘fear of failure’ when crafting your potential next masterpiece, with insights from a panel consisting of Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Tideland, In This World, Death Defying Acts), Lynn Shelton (Touch Feely, Your Sister’s Sister, Humpday), Peter Straughan (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Debt, Men Who Stare at Goats), moderator Mia Bays, Oscar-winning producer (Six Shooter, 30 Century Man) and a sold out auditorium of eager young wordsmiths. In summation the message was that you have to take risks, to interrogate the norm if you really want your work to stand out from the avalanche of material that usually gets submitted for potential production, I could construct an entire post on the event but now isn’t the place or time. So here’s Lake Bell;

As it stands there have been a few of those romantic drama / comedy /quirky pieces that I’ve sat through at the festival, her debut was easily the best so far. I’ve taken a break for the rest of Saturday to recharge the batteries and get started on a few reviews, so I’m afraid I skipped Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, I’ll give it a look later in the year. This decision leaves the arena open for a final assault on three movies tomorrow, including this;

I’ve only just clocked that Alison Brie is in that – this makes me very happy. Finally we wrap the festival up with another British premiere, In Fear  has slowly been getting some quiet kudos and Simon Pegg has been pushing it on twitter, so we’ll see what all the fuss is about – alas no trailer yet. Here’s my first report, my esteemed colleagues are swifter and superb here, and here’s Friday’s round-up;

Just to be confusing Sunday begins with an indulgent second screening of Upstream Colour as I had already brought my own ticket as insurance, I don’t think you can miss the opportunity to see such a crucial film of 2013 on one of the biggest screens in Europe, as I assume that this leftfield puzzle isn’t getting a major push in North American multiplexes. If you think I’m being obsessive then just consider as one example that Kurt Halfyard from Twitch film has seen the film five times, maybe six as I write this – this is the obsession that the movie is materializing. Regardless that’s what Sundance is all about, giving a voice and exposure to indiscriminate talents, and whilst I ‘m a bit suspicious of hosting this entire festival in such a sterile corporate complex I’m guessing the filmmakers are loving the opportunity for their work to be disseminated in state of the art cinema environments, with an attuned and receptive audience. Now, let’s get back to watching Jack Reacher which is a very odd film, then maybe I’ll fire up All The Presidents Men as a tiny tribute to seeing Redford in the flesh. Does that make me weird? OK, don’t answer that….


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