After all, it's just a ride….

Carrie (2013) Trailer

Being busier than a very busy thing indeed I’ve not had time to catch up with much in the way of news or new trailers I’m afraid, but we are building up a small backlog of material to craft over the weekend – a gig last night, a BFI visit tonight with a darkly  imperious special guest in attendance – I’m such a tease. In the meantime to keep things ‘fresh’ on the horror front here’s another remake to get your teeth into;

I’m not hugely fond of the original film so I’m hardly sweating blood in excitement, but to be fair the filmmakers have tried to make it clear that this is another adaption of Stephen Kings inaugural novel rather than a modern imprint of De Palma’s bloody nonsense – judging by the trailer I’d say they are being somewhat liberal with the truth. Piper Laurie’s take on the religiously fevered mother back in 1976 was quite a furiously frenzied turn and Spacek was quietly sympathetic in a title role which along with Badlands  cemented her career, so Moore and Moretz have quite the apron strings to step into – and they’ll have to outgross the original’s swineful carnage strewn climax;


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