After all, it's just a ride….

James Gandofini RIP

Some sobering news to wake up to this morning, as Tony Soprano has finally been snatched up by the pizzeria in the sky. Fifty-one is absurdly young isn’t it? I think I first noticed him alongside many others in this infamous scene of True Romance, given it’s incredibly violent nature it kinda feels wrong to push that upfront in an obituary post, so lets open with his first big screen role what he earned when his small screen career really started to gain traction;

There was such a world-weary, hand-dog demeanour on one hand, with a quivering quiet menace on the other, you just know that if he had a couple too many drinks then things could get really ugly around this guy;

In two scenes he totally stole that movie. I also looked his turn in this, proving their was some breadth to his skills beyond Italian American nervous wrecks, and of course he also had a long and distinguished career in theatre before getting picked up by the small and silver screens;

He also had that working class, second son of immigrants aura to him, proudly American but also melded to his home country origins, I think we have to as be obvious as a corkscrew rammed through the ear and close this brief mark of respect with the role he was born to play;


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