After all, it's just a ride….

Menagerie Summer Meltdown…

It’s been a little quiet in terms of new releases recently, but we do have a plethora of Summer material on the agenda, Pacific Rim is monstrously approaching and then the likes of Elysium and others are quietly moving into alignment. But like an Olympic triathlete I’m trying my best to keep the reviews in the pipeline to keep the mental agility in top form as Toronto slowly begins to gain traction, so I’ve set myself an ambitious agenda for the imminent weekend, beginning with the obvious cult movie of the week coupled with a fun sounding screening at the Ritzy in Brixton with special guests galore;

Should be interesting to see how the simultaneous platform release goes with that one – on demand, Film4, cinema screenings and more – so I’ll be submitting my review to SoS for wider exposure. Then on Saturday I’m planning to revisit the Coppola’s;

Not entirely enamoured with the movie as it stands in trailer form, but looking at vapid beautiful people sure beats sweating in the rare London drenched accursed sun. I think. Then finally I really want to give an outsider a chance which is playing at the local flickhouse, I have half heard a Kermode review of this on last weeks ‘Wittertainment’ podcast and whilst we certainly don’t always entirely see eye to eye he really liked it and has convinced me to get it a chance. Like I said to get into a festival mode I’d like to go into something reasonably cold and see what happens, and knock out a pretty quick review;

Could be quite contemporary that one. In other news one really hopes that the latest alleged catastrophic $250 million flop may inspire a moment of clarity with Mr. Depp and send him shrieking back to considering interesting, character driven independent roles, where directors have the balls to say ‘err no Johnny, that’s just irritating, lets not phone in a persona and do something genuine’. He does have a strong pedigree with alternative Westerns – consider Dead Man and Rango – so here’s a rhetorical question (as we all know the answer is franchise building vapid Hollywood executives) – why couldn’t he have taken the lead and cast a Native American actor as Tonto?


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