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The Wall (2013)

No, not Roger Waters classic miseryfest, before we launch into an ambitious weekend of cinema visits I just thought I’d direct you to my earlier LFF review of The Wall which opens in London today, on a limited or shall we say constricted release;

For what it’s worth it also got a positive rating in Sight & Sound this month, with the reviewer speculating that the film might be a temperate metaphor of patriarchal oppression, Which is nice.


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  1. It’s certainly worth noting that The Bourne Ultimatum – hot on the heels of such underwhelming actioners as Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers – comes off as nothing less than a breath of fresh air, and while Paul Greengrass’ expectedly kinetic camerawork occasionally borders on distracting, the film is generally one of the most exciting and thoroughly compelling thrillers to emerge in quite some time. The bare-bones storyline – which follows Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne as he continues to unlock clues surrounding his identity – is essentially just a springboard for a series of genuinely thrilling action sequences, with a pursuit through a busy train station and a chase on Moroccan rooftops the film’s obvious highlights (a climactic car chase is rendered almost unintelligible by Greengrass’ jittery shenanigans). Damon continues to be the series’ most potent weapon, as the actor effectively sustains the viewer’s interest even through the movie’s sporadically confusing expository passages. And although the structure employed by screenwriters Tony Gilroy and George Nolfi does become awfully repetitive – ie Bourne tracks down a lead and travels to a new country, where he must subsequently escape the clutches of the CIA – there’s little doubt that The Bourne Ultimatum’s positive attributes (of which there are many) effortlessly outweigh its few negatives.

    July 19, 2013 at 7:59 AM

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