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Summer Season Continues….

NinjaIIIIt’s getting hot out there ain’t it? For a Monday I’m having a pretty good day, the office is in good banter and I even picked up a copy of Nichols Winding Refn’s first American film Fear X for the princely sum of £1 from the local Sutton budget shop – perfect as context filler for the approaching Only God Forgives. So I thought I might quickly throw together a miscellaneous post to keep the tempo going after a relatively quiet weekend, it appears I’m very much in the minority with regard to my tepid reaction to Pacific Rim, but as Groucho Marx once said ‘stick it up your ass you nerdfuck assholes’. At least, I think that was Groucho. So before the onslaught continues with The Worlds End next weekend and with Elysium landing soon after I have made a start on David Fincher’s TV Executive Produced series House Of Cards, a Washington transplant of the acclaimed 1980’s BBC political murder drama. I distinctly remember watching that as it aired with the great Ian Richardson in the central role, and I think I even read the novelisation of the series, this adaption then had quite big shoes to fill – not dissimilar to the challenge in successfully adaptation Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy now that I think of it, but with Fincher you’re in safe hands as this was superb;

A real slow burn, it’s clearly taking its time to build the characters and Machiavellian plots, both Spacey and Robin Wright Penn are excellent, and its also taking thecare to build its side and supporting characters – I may have fallen for the ambitious young journalist and her slithering ways. For obvious reasons the media analysis of the shift of a traditional, dinosaur print newspaper into the 21st century of blogging, twitter and lolcats is also fascinating to me, I’m six episodes in and looking forward to the rest. After a couple of imminent hectic days holding consultation events tomorrow and briefing MP’s on Wednesday morning I figured I could do with a quiet evening, so I thought I’d check out a screening of this;

London psychocartographer Iain Sinclair is turning 70 this year and has selected 70 films to screen around town as part of the celebrations, movies which have influenced and been inspired by his work. The inaugural event is at the Hackney Picturehouse which is a bus ride away, I’ve seen the film which isn’t fantastic but I like the sound of the context of this screening, plus graphic novel genius Alan Moore is also in attendance so it should be fun seeing him in the flesh again – a long story I’ll save for the review. Given that this was publicised in the weekends Guardian I’m kinda surprised this wasn’t sold out, I found out about it via twitter, which just goes to show something, although I don’t know or indeed care what that thing may be. Or do I? Ah, time will tell. Or will it? Hmmmph.

This BBC Omnibus documentary on the legendary Golan & Globus empire of Cannon films has been doing the rounds amongst the community, as a glimpse behind the curtain into the smoky world of cigar chomping moguls I’m told it’s good fun. Without these uncompromising artisans the world as we know it would never have been pleasured with Enter The Ninja, Missing In Action, Rappin’, Lifeforce, Cobra, Bloodsport, Cyborg, American Ninja III: Blood Hunt and of course the stone cold classic Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo. In centuries that are yet to pass these 20th century Euripides may well be looked upon as contemporary titans, as storytelling gods who captured the spirit of their age like no other, who now walk amongst the valoured halls of eternal cinema entertainment. Either that, or the guys responsible for this.

And finally tonight’s entertainment, Christian Mungiu’s long-awaited follow-up to the highly acclaimed Four Months, Three Weeks & Two Days. Just what you need for a summer Monday evening is a three-hour rumination on Romanian village life and religious indoctrination, this is one of these inevitable ‘movies of the year’ given the critical adoration it has spawned among the more serious cineliterate circles, I failed to catch this at the flicks so I’m correcting that oversight with a Blu-Ray tonight. By the same token it looks like I missed my chance with Before Midnight, I checked out the schedules over the weekend and we’re just not compatible, I’ll just have to let her go as my career has to come first, but I’ll always be thinking about her even if we just couldn’t work this damn thing out (sobs….)


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