After all, it's just a ride….

Tiff 2013 Press Conference

The feverish anticipation is over, as the Toronto Film Festival team unvielied their 2013 programme this morning including the opening film The Fifth Estate, and closing film Life of Crime which I can’t even find on IMDb – what a professional eh? Perhaps more exciting for this reviewer are new films from Atom Egoyan, Steve McQueen, Jason Reitman, Don McKellar, Paul Greengrass, Jonathan Glazer, Stephen Frears, Kelly Reichardt, Kiyoshia Kurosawa, Jim Jarmusch and, erm, Ron Howard;

Plus the Cannes winning lesbian flick, and oh yeah, the North American premiere of Gravity which I’ve been waiting three years for. The genre festival strain of Midnight Madness isn’t announced until July 30th so there is more to come. I’m putting together a more detailed overview for Sound On Sight, so watch this space….


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