After all, it's just a ride….

Gravity’s Conjuring….

Well, doesn’t this second trailer make my jaunt to Toronto for the American premiere slightly more jaw-dropping;

For the record Cuaron’s fairly furious with his marketing colleagues for adding sound effects and Foley elements to the trailers as in the finished project everything plays out in realistic silence, a la 2001: A Space Odyssey – are you excited yet? That’s the best Hollywood trailer I’ve seen since Dragon Tattoo, except perhaps for Prometheus but we all know how that turned out eh? So while I continue plowing away at my opening list of twenty or so essential Toronto films article I just wanted to infect your psyche’s with this, quite incredibly this little B movie has gorged itself on an impressive $40 million opening weekend (more than Pacific Rim and the behemoth marketing muscle that project could accrue) so what do you make of The Conjuring?

I think it still looks pretty standard jump-scare polluted Sinister style fare but I’ll give it a whirl on the same weekend as Only God Forgives, this weekend we’ve got Francis Ha and Wolverine to get through which makes for an interesting team-up. So I finished work at one of the sites today so we went out for a team lunch which was warmly pleasant, inevitably when colleagues get wind of my other ‘career’ the inevitable question is forthcoming – ‘so what’s you’re favourite film then?’ Dear reader it never fails to amuse me when I see the waves of incomprehension wash over these civilians faces as I airly pluck out ‘Irrervsersible has its qualities although Salo also has its moments, then again there is The Men Behind The Sun and the Japanese Guinea Pig series is essential viewing…..’, it’s almost as amusing as imagining their reactions should they in an idle moment Google any one of those atrocities…


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