After all, it's just a ride….

Happy Birthday Stanley….

Good Ole Stanley would have been 85 today, so as is my idion here is a little tribute on a day that a BFI contributor set up a twitter feed for people to submit reports of films Kubrick is on record as stating he liked – hmm, not the worst idea ever made;

Anywhy, it’s an nteresting day for me as when 5.00pm strolls around I shall once again join the hordes of Osbourne’s unemployed. August is traditionally dead in Local Government as everyone is on recess or their summer holidays so I very much doubt there will be any activity for a while, then of course there’s Toronto in September (I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to update my CV’s Other Interests section and list myself as a ‘correspondent for the LFF, Sundance and Toronto film festivals’) and then the day after I’m back Grand Theft V  comes out – it’s almost as if someone doesn’t want me to get another assignment. So I’ve got a reading list to consume, I need to finish The Last Of Us  and Borderlands 2, and crucially there is a fair amount of movies coming out to keep me occupied. If all else fails I do have another hero to emulate in order to retain my sanity, right?;


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