After all, it's just a ride….

Viddy Well, O My Brothers….

Thamesmead_Housing_Estate_01Well, that’s not a bad way to start the week – I have a new assignment, down in deepest, darkest south-east London. A two-week turnaround from the last place is a personal best, I knew there was a reason I specifically moved into the regeneration, sustainability and economic development spheres, they’re one of the last bastions in local government as they actually bring in funds to a local authority, and the politicians love ’em as there are plenty of opportunities for launches and press events where they get microphones shoved in their hand and their boatrace on the local TV station or in the local paper. Why am I sharing the fascinating insight with you on this film dedicated site? Well, quite amusingly amongst other things I shall be managing the staff responsible for the development of a certain notorious housing estate:

I was going to mention I had visited the borough during the interview, except y’ know I’m not a total idiot – stop sniggering. In an explosion of other good news the BFI’s Gothic  season begins soon, and I can’t wait to see a scrubbed up ornate new print of The Innocents, one of cinemas genuinely scary chillers;

Given the news that a unexpurgated copy of The Wicker Man has recently been discovered, the so-called longer ‘middle-cut’, I suspect we’ll see some pagan burning as well…


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