After all, it's just a ride….

When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun (2013)

This powerful but rather muddled documentary hit London in a limited run over the weekend, my review here;

Also, some further Tiff announcements here, only a few weeks now, and the new Miyazaki has got a lot of folks excited;

A little twee for my tastes, but given his popularity I’ll try to take it for a spin. Now, lets see, now that I have your attention can someone please explain to me how the living fuck I’ve only just realised that the Channel 4 series Southcliffe which just finished airing here in the UK is in fact the very same Southcliffe that was announced as Sean Durkin’s directorial follow-up to Marthy Marcy May Marlene? Jesus Christ in a sidecar, I’d best get on the case with that then eh?


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