After all, it's just a ride….

RIP Gilbert Taylor (1914 – 2013)

Yes I know I’m a few days behind the curve on this sad passing, but for reasons that will soon become obvious why I can’t let this go unremarked. I find it deeply irksome that all those AICN styled sites and the wider press have been weeping over the loss of the cinematographer of their beloved Star Wars, when in fact he has a much more interesting history in the medium, primary example numero uno;

Can we also admire Ice Cold In Alex, The Omen, Repulsion, Frenzy, the terrifically moody 1979 Dracula and, erm, Losin’ It. He had a few choice recollections of working with Mr. Lucas as well, you can find those morsels yourselves. Anyway, whilst we’re on the subject of titans of the photographic form;


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