After all, it's just a ride….

Finally, It’s Toronto Time….

tiff2013We’re finally here gentle reader, work has been concluded, out of office notifications programmed, bags are packed and itineraries scrambled – TiFF 2013 is finally a go. So my intentions which will no doubt be obliterated when ‘in country’ is to produce a daily round-up style post and ad-hoc full reviews over at my patron sponsor Sound on Sight, like the LFF the maple syrup brigade produce daily video summaries of the red carpet activity so I’ll try my best to post those alongside any blistering hot press conference action to keep things simmering here at the Menagerie. Some more new trailers have slowly begin to struggle for the light, this looks like it should generate some debate;

I am intending to take a couple of ‘rest’ days and actually, y’know, go for a nose around Toronto whilst I’m there, given the fact that one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring natural features is only a couple of hours away I’d quite like to slot in some traditional tourist gawking as well – that’s where some of Superman II  was shot, right?  Then again, speaking of awe-inspiring natural features Scarlett Johansson is in town (for a full list of confirmed attendees check this out) so maybe I’ll just hang around the posh hotels and, erm, see what comes up;

Now that  looks mildly terrifying (shivers), and early reviews from Venice are throwing around five star kudos and muttered allegations of a ‘masterpiece’ – wow. With a gobsmacking range of forty to fifty film screenings every day – yeah I know and that’s just the fucking press schedule – I’m certainly not going to be bereft of movie choices, thankfully some of the hot ticket items (your Gravity’s, your12 Years A Slave  etc.) are getting duplicate screenings in order to sate outrageous demand, although I’m not entirely confident on how the various tiers of prestigious access badges will unfold out on the battlefield. One thing I hadn’t considered is the side strand of industry talks, discussions, workshops and debates, it honestly sounds as if the entire city goes celluloid crazy, so as initial sortee I’m aiming for a production discussion with the terrificly talented Sarah Polley and if I’m lucky a seat at the Spike Jonze interview and Q&A. So that’s that, please do bookmark my and my colleagues feed over at the impregnable Sound On Sight  and we’ll see you on the other side;


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