After all, it's just a ride….

Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Day One

I can′t think of a better way to start this Canadian endeavour than a press conference with David Cronenberg so that′s exactly what I did after collecting my press credentials bright and early this morning,  it′s quite dry to start with but once he gets talking he’s quite an amusing chap;

Interesting use of social media methinks – my new symbiosis told me to say that. After that was a screening of a near four-hour holocaust documentary which I’ve just submitted, suffice to say after that gruelling experience I enlisted the aid of a few ales to get through those 900 words. As promised here’s the first video round-up;

Not wanting to plunge into Heat alike shallow waters but I thought it might be kind of amusing to keep a tab of celebrity captures, with the proviso that my definition of a ′celebrity′ may oxymoronically be wider and more specialised than most folks – thus I′m including fellow critics, industry figures and general film culture sorts as prey alongside the Clooney′s and Scarlett′s of this world – Day One includes Godfrey Koyaanisqatsi Reggio, David Cronenberg of course and Peter Travers, Rolling Stone′s senior critic for many, many years – I can hear your jealous gasps across the oceans….


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