After all, it's just a ride….

Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Day Two

A mere 48 hours into the maelstrom and already I’m being fuelled by an unholy concoction of sloppy, barely digested fast food and cauldrons of coffee, at least this is my excuse for accidentally stumbling into this press conference, throwing up my arms and yelling KKKKKHHHHAAAANNNNNN;

Seriously, I wasn’t planning to join ther melee for the film which has been getting some pretty mediocre notices, I think I took a wrong turn somewhere. Then Jodorowsky’s Dune was a painful watch as that movie would have literally been out of this world, its a terrifically amusing and illuminating documentary which is probably among the year’s best from a genre fan perspective. The Art Of The Steal was a ‘C’ grade Xerox of the Oceans movies, a few good lines can’t compensate for patently obvious twists, a criminal waste of an eclectic cast if you ask me;

Jesus, that Robocop trailer is pretty dreadful, huh? A PG13 remake? I guess a PG Starship Troopers reboot is also on the way, with some cutely adorable bugs. Anyway Celebrity Spotting #2 – Bill Condon, Dan Stevens, Daniel Brühl, Catherine The Guardian Shoard plus the other guy that isn’t Bradshaw or Xan Brooks which I guess is pushing the celebrity angle to ridiculous extremes, so let me firm that up with the slightly more impressive Jim Jarmusch getting out of a car at the side of the Lightbox, and of course Squireldark Blunderbuss.

I also met up with some fellow SoS cineastes which was fun, it was great to make some local connections and get some pointers on how to appreciate the non-tourist aligned Toronto, although if my schedule is anything to go by I′ll be lucky to see any of the city. Tomorrow promises Gravity  which I’ve been waiting to see for Four. Fucking. Years. Not that I’m excited or anything, although I imagine ‘space’ will be at a premium (distant cymbal crash)……


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