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Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Day Three

OK, I think I′m getting the hang of this now, I get up, cleanse thyself, dress, wander down town and grab a hurried breakfast, peek into the morning press conference then it’s simply movies, movies, movies. Having fully got my bearings and located the majority of the screening venues I also think I’ve got a feel of the tempo of this celluloid circus, and I usually manage to squeeze in a review before retiring for the evening – although that ‘free’ time will shortly be dismissed as my schedule begins to expand to encompass more material. Much of the Midnight Madness and challenging Vanguard strands of the festival are beginning to appear on the horizon, and all these dramas, comedies and documentaries I’ve caught so far could really do with a few buckets of claret soaking the screen. Now, time to make the ladies jealous;

So after a intergalactically fraught wait I finally got to see Gravity in the 556 seating auditorium of the impressive Scotiabank theatre, this was my first taste of the real urgency that the bigger films can create as this throughly packed screening was quite an electric experience with enormous queues and a true festival like urgency – obligatory review link here. I really shouldn’t post this extended spot as it does give away details of some key sequences in the film and you really should go into this spectacular experience as cold as the distant recesses of the cosmos, I managed to avoid watching it until today and I should make it to the film’s press conference tomorrow;

So then a personal best thus far in celebrity spotting for day three, including Mark Cousins who had natter with some ladies queueing behind him from the Irish Film Council, Dexter ′Spike′ Flectcher, John ′Film Critic whom none of you will have the faintest idea who he is′ Powers, oh and Maria Bello, Melissa Leo, director Denis Villeneuve, Terence Howard , Huge Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano. This exercise is beginning to sound like the cast to a Woody Allen picture;


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