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Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Day Five

Monday morning, and like a man possessed of the protestant work spirit I awoke at an ungodly hour and managed to get down to the media centre and crank out another review – the way I figure it only one a day is remotely feasible, and I can catch up with some of the flotsam and jetsam when I get back home. I then had the pleasure of Bullock & Cuaron’s company;

The  more I think about Gravity, the more I like it, I;m definitely enlisting fora IMAX revisit back in London. Now I know everyones going crazy about 12 Years A Slave but believe me this opinion is not shared in every quarter – some colleagues I have been speaking to (and believe me you can’t grab a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza in this town without getting caught up in a debate, its great!) have outlined some concerns which at face value sound quite valid, I doubt I’ll make it to the last press screening given other priorities so I guess I’ll just wait until the LFF. Anyway, then it was time for another documentary, the contemporarily anticipated Known Unknowns by the mighty Errol Morris;

It was good, he never completely nails his quarry but of course Morris likes to give his subjects enough rope and let them construct their own noose, but Rumsfeld is one slippery bastard – Its quite a weary ride through the last decades still reverberating war crimes. Now since there is no trailer yet here is some footage from Venice;

The strongest indie’ film (whatever constitutes indie these days is a whole other article but I digress) of the festival so far, a packed screening of Reichardt’s Night Moves which was one of my most anticipated films of the whole schedule. I can’t do it justice here but if you like Meeks Cutoff or Wendy & Lucy then you’ll like this – she hasn’t ‘sold out’ by employing Fanning and Eisenberg who are both very good. Tomorrow we see if I can get Under The Skin;


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