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Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Day Seven

Having let the new Sion Sono elude my grasp on the first day of the festival I wasn′t about to let this carnage strewn comedy get away for a second time;

I’m a big fan of his but I wasn’t expecting to love this so much, it is incredibly funny and devilishly deconstructs Asian cinema clichés, with a few buckets of his trademark gore, squirting arteries and bisected henchmen thrown in for good measure – the festivals third ◊◊◊◊ star movie. Having been sent a reminder of the closing night gala film screening in the afternoon I was mildly surprised to get into the screening of Life Of Crime so easily, given its prestigious slot on the inventory and the fact that it’s based on a recently departed Elmore Leonard book – wait a sec, that’s bad English isn’t it, the book didn’t recently depart, Leonard did – but this was a smooth ride into the auditorium. The film was OK, a solid three star entertainment with some well drawn characters and a few good crime caper laughs as you’d expect from the source material, but it did all feel a little slight and Jennifer Anniston is woefully miscast as the kidnapped trophy wife of Tim Robbin’s squirming Florida property magnate. No trailer yet, so you’ll have to make do with this swag;

I do try to attend alternate talks and Q&A’s in London during the LFF where feasible so I’ve tried to transplant this tradition across the Atlantic, so I then popped down to the Glen Gould Theatre for the final element of the Documentary Conference strand of the festival, a screen-talk with Sarah Polley. Naturally the vast majority of the event centered her recent piece Stories We Tell  which I haven’t seen yet, but its had some terrific notices and sounds quite unique – she burrows into her own families strange history and uncovers some unsettling revelations;

It was a pretty good interview with that rarest of beasts, some fairly smart questions from the audience but given they were all aspiring or established documentarians there was quite a specialist bend to the session. Here’s the usual daily round-up, kinda gutted I didn′t see Snake last night;


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