After all, it's just a ride….

BFI Gothic Season – October 2013

Raise your virgin blooded sickles to the light of a waning moon if you remember my commitment to celebrating all the Universal horror movies as an ongoing blog season during 2013? Well, I haven’t, and whilst my latest Invisible Man  post has admittedly been languishing in a torturous limbo whilst I was distracted with foreign treasures the latest BFI programme has just slithered through my portal, and the final spectacle of the long waited Gothic season has seriously got my blood pumping;

I’m not shedding any commitments yet as I’m rhesus A+ positive that some of the screenings will be satanically popular, so let me just say that there are three infernal guests on the table with associated screenings which I’ll sell my soul to see – and we’re not just channeling the fabulous new Hammer prints they’ve already exhumed. After TiFF and the LFF it seems there is indeed no rest for the wicked….(cue booming spectral laugh)….


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