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BFI Gothic Season 2013 – Prelude

gothicSome further good news this week which should have minstrels of the macabre writhing in ecstatic adoration, as I just received notification that I’ve secured tickets to not one, not two but all three special events which jumped out at me from the BFI’s imminent Gothic  season – back of the blood-stained net. Although I’m minded to keep these activities veiled with a shroud of mystery I’m too excited to keep schtum, but before we get into that the final press release schedule for the LFF has also been circulated today which provides some further fantastic news. Well, unfortunately due to my other commitments I’m afraid both the Brelliat and Jarmusch are simply not feasible, but the weekend schedule does mean I will be able to programme in the new Coen picture and a certain slice of lesbian art house controversy, pending confirmation of press tickets to public screenings of some other material which may be more difficult to secure – we should see. In any case I should be able to commit to more material than anticipated as I’ve been simply unable to book time off for any of the press screenings which started a couple of weeks ago, but this does mean we’re looking at a couple of weekends of back to back gorging which should make for a modest, but still successful spread. Then we move eeriely into a BFI celebration of chills, beginning with a screening of perhaps the most influential zombie movie ever made; 

Pretty tasty I think you’ll agree, an early nightmare of all those mindless, groaning, perpetual consumers…..So yes the godfather of ghouls is over for a Q&A which is a brilliant coup, it may seem like a frivolous waste of funds to see Night  at the cinema given that it long since lapsed into the public domain and can be seen for free just about anywhere (hence why it frequently crops as homage in other horror movies – there are no trademark fees to pay) but I think its only fitting to celebrate his appearance with a devouring of one of the most imitated and influential midnight movies ever made. And then we have this;

Italian horror comes in all severed shapes and behemoth sizes, The Beyond  is a leftfield favourite of mine which should be quite challenging to cover from a research perspective, so I can really get into the guts of Fulci’s increasingly adored oeuvre. Speaking of the Italians;

I’m not the worlds biggest Argento fan but my only regret in not attending Frightfest  this year was an appearance of the grim grandaddy of giallo, by all accounts though he was an irritable and stroppy sort and the Q&A didn’t exactly go down well. Maybe he’ll be a little more forthcoming when discussing his greatest film, a phantasmagoric nightmare which I’m positive will be quite an experience on the big screen. Then we look to Poe, and a fantastic companion piece to my faintly popular The Masque Of The Red Death  post from a few years back;

To my mind there are three figures of the horror genre still drawing breath whom I would sell my soul to see. The first of course of John Carpenter who alas has not been netted by the BFI candy much to my disappointment, maybe one day I’ll finally catch up with one of my most influential inspirations but not this year. Then there is Christopher Lee whom I’m similarly glum in not seeing on the murderous roster, the BFI must have approached him given the restorations they’ve financed on some of the early Hammer classics which bloodied his career, maybe his health is such that he’s not up to public appearances anymore – a shame. They have however netted another titan and I literally shouted YES when I saw this on the schedule – Roger Fucking Corman is coming to London town; 

This might be the film event of the year from a genre perspective, just to be crass for a moment this may also be his final visit to the UK given his venerable constitution, and completing this trio of guests should make for quite a roster. Of course there are many other films on the schedule which I’m simply dying to see – some other Hammers, a few more constricting items, some Universal golden age cadaveours which would dovetail perfectly into my long mouldering season – but I’ll have to play these by ear as I may just have some other horrendous news on the day job front – we shall see. It’s kind of a shame I’m working at all as I could seriously butcher this season and surpass my 22 Hitchcock articles personal best, but alas one isn’t independently wealthy and I have to keep a roof over my coffin somehow….but then again, this is just what’s on offer for October and November and the season stretches out through January 2014 so who knows where we might find ourselves;


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