After all, it's just a ride….

BFI London Film Festival 2013 – Day Four

I don’t know what genius decided to schedule the new Coen film’s with an early Sunday morning slot but here we are, ploughing through a very wet and blustery city for a packed screening of a fine little ditty;

I’m a huge Coen’s fan but I admit to being a little ambivalent on this one from my glimpse of the original trailer – the machinations of the early 1960’s New York folk scene really didn’t jump out at me – but this was intriguing an amusing little movie, one part O Brother Where Art Thou with a sprinkling of Barton Fink, all drizzled with the sense of a man’s life slowly closing in on him as seen in A Serious Man.  It was better than expected, very funny in places with the usual vivid Coenesque characters, and a very odd structural framing choice which should encourage duplicate viewings.

I took it easy today with just the single film in order to free up some time and compose some reviews, tomorrow it’s back to the day job but I do have one screening planned during the week…. 


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