After all, it's just a ride….

BFI Film Festival 2013 – Day Six

One more review to join the group, I thought that one would be quite difficult to coax out but once I got into it the words flowed quite easily – it’s not an easy film to crack from a single viewing and there is more going on than the trailer suggests. Given that I’ve already posted that teaser a few times here I thought a little overview of the Coen chaps career might be in order, especially since this film holds many connections to their earlier work;

I liked the cat, you’ll understand when it appropriately hits screens at Christmas – it is a particularly chilly film. I have to say I’m a litle distressed at missing some other events at the festival, I’m missing out on all the Q&A’s this year and I’d really have liked to catch Isabelle Huppert today but such is life, the day job must trump the hobby sometimes (sighs). Still, I’m sacrificing Friday morning for the press screening of 12 Years A Slave,  it better live up to the extraordinary hype. Here’s the usual round-up;


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