After all, it's just a ride….

BFI Film Festival 2013 – Day Eight

Hmm, not a bad  list I suppose (no Starcrash? for shame sir), but I’d argue that E.T. and Alien are less SF than they are horror and melodrama respectively which just happen to take place within SF trappings – the 2001  write-up is fairly good though. Why am I muscling in on a blatant linkbait article crafted by the Gruandiad?  Well, it kinda links into my latest review, of a man responsible for one of the most prescient SF’s of recent decades final effort to complete his beloved trilogy;

Review here, I’m sure I’ll get pilloried from some sections for my opinion but so be it, like George Washington I cannot tell a lie, and believe me as much as I’m ambivalent about 12 Monkeys  I was seriously praying for a strong film to complete this so called Dystopia trifecta but alas it has stumbled at the final hurdle…..

Besides, nothing can phase me today as I’ve just negotiated a contract extension out to April, potentially May 2014 which is a huge relief, but it does mean I’m taking the lead on a specific programme which means I have to present to the GLA board and those god-damn suits down at City Hall just before Christmas – so no pressure. Annnnnyways, a new Wes Anderson anyone?;


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