After all, it's just a ride….

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Trailer

So how are things going gentle reader? I have been mostly considering economic and intellectual decay, the discovery of the most remote galaxy known within human existence, and the unsurprising revelation that the powers that be are religiously scrying our ‘Allies’ alongside neutral and antipathatic nation states – but it’s OK though, Cap will save us;

Redford as a cloaked villian I reckon, that could be a fun inversion. My mild prejudices of this character were assaulted by a reasonably entertaining origin film which balanced fun and flags – that’s what a solid journeyman director like Joe Johnson managed to rally – so I think I’ll give this a chance. As for Thor II  which opens here in the UK tomorrow, well I guess I should see it to keep abreast of all the cross Marvel movie circlejack references and post coitus stings, but that red shift revelation of  the infintite pointlessness of existence makes me wonder…..


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