After all, it's just a ride….

Lou Reed (1942 – 2013)

Fuck, I don’t normally post much music stuff here as frankly those interests have waned over the years in favour of the movies, but now and again a figure will fall which makes me incredibly sad. Lou Reed was a vague favourite of mine back in the day, obviously for the groundbreaking, statis exploding Velvet Underground, and I also followed his solo career with a mild interest in both his solo and collaborative projects over the past few decades. It’s probably obvious to note that he was always one of those mild musical heroes I figured I’d see live eventually, just goes to show you should make an effort while you can. So here’s a few personal favourites, nothing too idiosyncratic I’m sure but just a small, modest tribute;

Yes I know, blatantly obvious for a Velvet’s choice, but that track is just as stunning as ever to me – sometimes going back to those old albums – Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin etc. can illuminate where we are now I think. Name me one band of note who were not impressed with this sensibility and reactive approach that are worth remembering from your teenage years and I’ll kiss the boot. Next I have this album – like on actual vinyl and everything – and this opening may seem staggered now but listening again it still sounds great to me when it finally kicks in;

Here’s some slightly more esoteric material which is perhaps more leftfield and worthy of the era, with the links to Warhol, the wider art scene including of course, cinema;

Now, a movie connection – a soundtrack contribution to a Wim Wenders piece – always liked this track;

I spent some time of my formative years with a crew who considered the still hilarious Metal Machine Music as some kind of musical grail of ownership, I kinda miss those days when such texts – films, music tracks, albums, books, comics, graphic novels etc. would actually be genuinely rare and had an aura of obsession which the web, for all its progress, has obliterated by proliferation. Ah well, I guess that’s progress eh? Maybe I’m showing my age but I got this album upon the week of release;

Not sure we needed that period specific Sax solo eh? But hey, things movie on. So finally we come to kinda one of my favourite albums, like in the top twenty or something was the tribute to Warhol that he crafted with Cale – Songs For Drella:

I assume a suicide watch has been drafted over Camden and Q readers around the globe. I think I’m gonna fire up a VU medley and get started on some of the finest wines known to humanity, so goodbye and swift travels you magnificent bastard;


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