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BFI Gothic Season – Two Evil Eyes Guys

Critical horror mass was successfully achieved this evening with the presence of two of the remaining legends of the industry in the same place, at the same time. I’ve made a hesitant start on last nights Argento event but to see him in the audience this evening as his old mate George A. Romero received the interview treatment was quite the genre occasion, with a terrific buzz of excitement in the air. Now, since I am entertaining guests this weekend I won’t be crafting my thoughts until far into next week given other work related activities, so here’s a quick placeholder which will hopefully sate your ravenous, ghoulish appetites;

The screening of Suspira was good fun, not to pre-judge things but I’m not a massive Argento fan, but this was a fantastic print which made for quite a double-bill. Then of course there is the king of the zombies;

All in all a terrific twilight close to my exceptional movie year thanks to the BFI, I may be mopping up with some further Gothic screenings next month……and of course yes, this cult favourite was mentioned…..


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