After all, it's just a ride….

Noah (2014) Trailer

I must admit to being somewhat bemused by this project. Given that he’s the screenwriter is Aronofsky trading on his post Black Swan clout to finally get that thwarted epic out of his system after the downgrade of The Fountain? Is he genuinely a religious type who feels compelled to tell this story? Is it a cynical ploy to court the religious dollar? Either way I think it looks like a biblical mistake;

Maybe its me but I’ve had enough of Ray Winstone as an unconvincing tribal sort, and Anthony Hopkins left credibility town many years ago. What a strange-looking film……


One response

  1. this trailer looks trerrible, the animals are some kind of mockery, but Aronowsky lost me on Black Swan anyway, so I dont care much for this. Still, Pi – that was hell of a movie

    November 15, 2013 at 12:35 AM

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